How can design in NI flourish in difficult economic times?

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  • Paul Wilsdon

    Maintaining respect for yourself and the industry by not undercutting competition by ludicrous amounts, whereby you force the creativity and eventual production of the piece to suffer due to financial constraints.

  • Tierna Magee (Vis Com Y3)

    Businesses are looking for practical ways to get them through this difficult time. Carefully considered design can help them stand out in the marketplace and as designers we can assist in brand development in order to achieve this. I think it’s an exciting time for the design industry here as we’ll need to go that extra mile with our creativity.

  • Chris Black

    I agree with Stephen McCreight’s comment, “NIDA I think should as it’s number one priority, be focusing on educating not so much designers themselves but the wider industry and business community and the public at large on the value of design.”

    From experience, designers in Northern Ireland suffer both in pocket and portfolio. Clients want exactly what they ask for, “because they’re paying for it” instead of realising that they are really paying for the valuable input of an experienced designer. More business owners need to learn (or be taught) to have respect for the design industry.

    How this educational process is carried out is a difficult one and could potentially take generations. A step in the right direction would be an initiative from the design “authorities and organisations” to directly target and educate business owners on the topic of clear communication, added value and the inevitable increase in profit.

    I use the word target as requesting their attendance to an event focused on design, would be an instant turn off – but reaching into their office promoting good design could prove very successful for them, us and the design industry.