• When: Monday, 9 - Sunday, 15 Sep 2013

Now in its second year, this quirky, intimate and unique gathering of speakers, artists, performers and industry professionals from digital media, technology, music and the arts is a must see!


And now for something completely different

Held across a big messy week in Derry~Londonderry, N. Ireland and featuring over separate 100 events and sessions, CultureTECH is a unique celebration at the crossroads of arts, culture and technology. Itʼs a gathering of interesting people – doing interesting things – who all want to learn, share and have a blast. If that isnʼt enough of a reason to come, hereʼs four more.

Cool people in small places.

We donʼt really do big and flashy. Weʼd rather bring dozens of exciting artists, performers and industry pros from across the world and put them in coffee shops, bars, restaurants, historic buildings and unloved retail spaces throughout the city centre – so you can actually meet and spend time with them.

A proper city festival

No, not the wellies in a field kind of festival, but definitely the live gigs throughout the city, nightly label showcases in cool venues, interesting film screenings, boundarypushing dramatic performances, digital art exhibitions, casual video gaming arcades and family-friendly events kind.

Business as unusual

We donʼt really do formal either. This is a jeans and t-shirts kind of event. Yes, thereʼs business to be done with hundreds of industry delegates and speakers coming from across the UK, Ireland and beyond. And we can just about guarantee youʼll learn something too. But if youʼre here for business, expect to do it while listening to an exciting new band.

“pay what it’s worth” ticketing

And we certainly donʼt do pricey. CultureTECH is meant to be accessible for all. A big chunk of the programme is completely free and open to the public. Where there is a cost, itʼs normally just a few pounds or (if you get your ticket early) based on a “pay what it’s worth” model. In short, we want everyone to come, get involved and have a great time




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