Beer, branding and design

  • When: Monday, 22 Mar 2010 at 6.30-8.30pm
  • Where: University of Ulster
  • Cost: Free
  • Who: Ralph Ardill & Pete Kerr

RalphRecognised as a leading authority on experiential branding, design and marketing, Ralph Ardill discussed how struggling brewery, JW Lees, was transformed into a modern, relevant and thriving business. Close to closure, Ralph grabbed the challenge to lead a brand-based, business transformation through introducing principles that underpin good design practice. A testament to the power of sound business strategy and the application of design principles, Ralph demonstrated how dedication, trust and creativity were used to invigorate a business, build an authentic and relevant brand and ultimately save jobs.

Pete KerrDesign agency Atto uses design thinking (and doing) to deliver design-led projects that achieve real-life, meaningful results – important things like generating more sales, keeping employees longer or making customers really happy. Pete Kerr talked about how genuine transparency and integrity is great for business. He explored key principles that might just guide us to that holy grail of the creative business – clients who’ll pay you for your professional advice, and actually follow it.

About the speakers:
Ralph Ardill is an internationally respected branding and design expert. Formerly Marketing and Strategic Planning Director of Imagination, Europe’s leading design agency, he led the development of the acclaimed Guinness Storehouse. More recently Ralph was consultant Brand Experience Director for the development and launch of the new Science Gallery in Dublin. Today he works with his clients as an independent board-level agent and instigator for change to help them deliver brand-led, design-inspired transformation and growth.

Pete Kerr is one of the partners at Atto, a Responsible Design company based in Belfast. They think and design for businesses and non-profits who share a passion for design thinking, effective communication and creating organisations with a positive net effect.

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